See Lymba's Semantic Technology in Action

Check out some of our tools.

Contact us if you would like a demo for your particular domain.

K-Extractor: Text Analytics

Try our text analytics tool that recognizes people, organizations, events, locations, time and semantic relations between concepts. Initially developed for national security purposes, works best on texts that describe people, places & events.

Need to extract other domain-specific concepts and relations? Contact us. Our configurable tools can extract various types of knowledge - from relations between bacteria and antibiotics to acknowledgment amongst people in Chinese text.

Jaguar: Ontology Building

Browse through our demo ontology about Illicit Drugs automatically extracted with our Jaguar tool. The input collection was Wikipedia and a government agency collection of documents.

Check cheese under drug concept. Click on the concepts to see what relations they have and what text fragments they are coming from.

Need ontology for your domain? Contact us. Our tools have been already applied for defense topics like missiles and biological weapons, as well as for textbooks in law, economics and management, and in the financial domain.