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Concepts and Relations

Domain Ontology

criminal organization

ISA drug cartel

ISA Los Zetas cartel

PW Arturo Guzman Decena

PW Heriberto Lazcano

ISA leader of Los Zetas

ASO Miguel Trevino Morales

SYN El Verdugo


PW Miguel Trevino Morales

Jaguar™ Ontology Builder: Grasp knowledge without reading

Customer Scenario

Quickly grasp key ideas, players and jargon in a domain. Automatically expand search queries to retrieve relevant documents


Domain knowledge is presented as collections of text documents: publications, reports, textbooks, etc. In most cases reading the entire collection is not practical or necessary. Browsing through the content is limited to using index or an exact keyword find function.

Lymba's Solution

Our automatic ontology extraction tool Jaguar was applied in a broad range of domains:

– Law enforcement: illicit drugs, weapons, missiles, terrorism.

– Finances: banking, investment, acquisitions.

– Education: convert textbooks into ontologies to provide students with browsing and advanced search and to idetify gaps in course materials.


A collection of your documents, Wikipedia and web pages, optionally – seeds or existing ontology to define the targeted knowledge more precisely.


An ontology in a standard OWL format, each concept and relation are linked to a text fragment from which it was extracted.

Key Features

Automatic Generation:

Extraction of concepts and their semantic relations from a collection of documents:

– IS-A




Multi-Ontology Support:

Merging and extending existing customer-provided ontologies.


Full control over coverage versus relevance. When ontology is required for semantic search, prefer coverage and extract maximum knowledge. On the contrary, when ontology is for human consumption, it needs to be compact and contain only the most important concepts – Jaguar will maximize relevance.

Integration Options:

Hassle-free integration of generated ontologies into other tools like Collaborative High Precision Search (CHiPS) our intelligent search system to support query expansion.

Interactive Browsing:

A browsing tool that allows viewing and manual curation of ontologies.

Check out Jaguar for more details on the product and its features.